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Key Chain Designer Elements

Key chain Designer elements of:
1. have a strong aesthetic, have a unique view on art, to show the beauty of creativity. 2. with the painted Foundation, sketch Express Foundation, to show creativity in a timely manner. 3. proficiency in professional 3D design software, to make up for the lack of graphic design in order to enhance the quality and quantity of product design.
4. familiar with the characteristics of various metal materials, certain knowledge of production and processing technology, better combining design, production and prices, the actual design.
5. understand the market needs and trends, market dynamics, and to specific consumer needs.
6. the idea of analyzing customer, do talk to them, the ability to know their needs.
7. get rid of form, original style, cannot be bound by form.
With these 7 elements, the designer can design key chain perfect, to cater to consumer tastes, to impress the consumer's heart, in order to sell products.