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Key Difference Between Custom And Customized Keychain

In key buckle procurement process in the, was will for homonym word of problem and caused some not necessary of troubled, like key buckle custom and key buckle set business, this two a word a word of poor, does have with essentially of differences, following respectively for everyone interpretation about: key buckle custom is refers to, key buckle manufacturers according to customer of wishes, for open die, making transfer customer satisfaction of key buckle, and key buckle set business, is is according to key buckle manufacturers existing of mold, making out of key buckle, without again paid mold fee ; Communicate with Keychain manufacturers must pay attention, is it custom or customized, not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.  
Note: ① "set" and "set" can be used in many places. But, "set" said things has determine down has, not easily change, focuses on of is results; "set" only said both prior has agreed, and regardless of agreed can guarantee determine not variable, stressed of is process; II "custom", that tailored custom, according to customer of wishes, and requirements, and standard and the specifications specifically making; "set business", that according to original some, and ready-made of style to do.